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J-Fest 2022

This year’s J-FEST was in a field a few miles from Abingdon. Organisers had laid tracks across and around the side of the field to help wheelchairs.

On the main stage were some excellent local bands. In addition, there were signers to translate the lyrics and dance out the rhythm.

There was a wheelchair dancing stage nearby.

The J-Fest is a music festival accessible to all. There were lots of stalls, and activities, including people painting murals. Many people there knew Jodi, and Jodi’s mum and friends organised the festival in Jodi’s memory.

Demolition of the Westgate Centre Car Park in Oxford

The multi-storey car park at the Westgate shopping crentre is being demolished as part of a redevelopment that will see a lot more shops, including a John Lewis.

Tom Tower can be seen behind the demolition excavator.

Demolition began in February.

A temporary multi-storey carpark has been fabricated the other side of the Oxpens Road to take some of the cars.

Harwell Feast

The English Civil War Society were one of the features at this year’s Harwell Feast. The event began with a Parade of vintage vehicles and floats. There were crafts, a car boot sale, all the fun of the fair, and a couple of arenas with entertainment. The Winchester Regiment, of the English Civil War Society,  had set up camp in a field adjoining the show area, and marched in to give a display of pikes and musketry. Despite rain through much of the day there were still a lot of people enjoying the event.

Didcot A Final Steam Day

Didcot A Coal Fire Power Station with its six large cooling towers will stop generating electricity within the next 24 hours. The more efficient Didcot B Gas powered station will carry on, but their mini cooling towers don’t dominate the landscape for miles around.

Elvis Has Left The Building

About eight years ago I first went into Borders in Oxford and thought that I had discovered the future. There was a big book shop with comfy reading areas and Cafe, a large CD and video area down an escalator, and most of the CDs I could listen to over head phones from their library. So I was able to find lots of new music before buying. Back then I was into World Music. But today this young lady locked the door for the final time.

Elvis has left the Building.