Cliffs of Moher

We were welcomed to the Cliffs of Moher by a small building with a door at the side. Inside there was a large bowl full of pebbles with a trickling fountain of water. You are encouraged to use this space to meditate. It is provided by the Samaritans.

Further on are shops, and a visitor centre built into the hillside. The visitor centre was state of art with interactive displays and an exciting animated film of life on the cliff face.

The cliffs round the visitor centre are well protected so you cannot easily get too close to the edge of the cliffs.

Further up there are more signs by the Samaritans, and then a gap in the fence. ‘Need to Talk? Samaritans‘.

Beyond this point a lot of tourists were taking daring photographs on a zig zag rocky ledge. It has to be said that portions of the rock face can collapse without warning. According to one local we spoke with, the life boat comes this way two or three times a week to search the bottom of the cliffs.

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