Dotty With Love

This postcard shows Horse Guards, Whitehall, London: a building guarded by members of the Household Cavalry.

The card was posted in 1916 to Dear Fanny

It is written without punctuation and ends … “we are all quite alright but the weather and the rain are enought to drive anybody dotty with love from Kate.”

3 thoughts on “Dotty With Love

  1. MilliHelen

    I would be happy to scan some for you – will be a good test of our new scanner. i am a bit busy over the next few days – but should be able to do something after the weekend.
    I am pleased you are interested – my family just don't 'get' postcards at all!

  2. Backstreeter

    Would you be willing to scan a couple that are not too personal. I would love to use them here. I have been left a couple of albums and one does have a friendship between Dick and Gertrude which is touching. But I have no idea who they were.

  3. MilliHelen

    My grandmother gave me/ left me her postcard collection. The most precious have messages to her from my grandad before they were married. I think you would probably find them interesting – the messages are a fascinating insight to a long gone time.


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