Exhibition at Solihull Arts Centre

Solihull Gallery can be approached either from the library or from the theatre. Both parts of the cultural centre meet here. The current exhibition of sculpture made from soft furnishings and loved objects is by Kirsty E Smith.
Here is an old biscuit tin she has memories of, highly elaborated. She says as introduction to the exhibition “I live in a constant dialogue between my childhood memories and my experience of the preseent… Making is something I have done since a child..’ To find out more visit her blog Frillip Moolog.

3 thoughts on “Exhibition at Solihull Arts Centre

  1. frillip moolog:

    Hello Backstreeter. Thanks so much for bogging about my show "Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind". If you like off the track places I'm sure you'd love the book "Bollocks to Alton Towers" and it's follow on "Far from the Sodding Crowd".
    If you are back in Solihull you might be interested in my Artist Talk which is tomorrow night 29th Oct 6-7pm in the Solihull Art Gallery. It's all about my inspiration, where I find my "quality "scrap/ vintage ambigous objects that I use in my sculptures/ beings and generally more about my working parctice.
    Thanks again.Kirsty


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