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Madam Tussauds

Famous people we met on a recent family visit to Madame Tussauds London … Paper Wraps Stone!
Waterloo is not worth arguing about!
Its the blue cardie does it for me.
Taking Britney’s Award before she notices.
That Hurts!
Oops, sorry Nicole!

Brixton railway Bridge

This bridge at Brixton always used to give me the feeling that I was entering London proper when coming from the South on the A23. To me it was the gateway to the capital. London seems to have grown, and even Purley and Croydon a few miles south with their red zones and London Corporation crests feel more like part of the capital now.

Not There…

They had released him from the hospital. But to where? At Paddington Station The Great Western Staff Band played for the people waiting for trains. But he wasn’t there…

Huge crowds near the embankment celebrated TFI Friday. But he wasn’t there.

He was not there near Nelson Mandela beside Festival Hall …